Let's Ride in Aso!



Moto Ride Tours offers motorcycle guided tours in Aso, Kumamoto and Kyushu.

Guided by a navigator who knows all about the roads of Aso, Kumamoto, and Kyushu, you will be able to enjoy touring without wasting time as you will connect the highlights on back roads.

A motorcycle trip around Aso, which has one of the world’s largest calderas.
It will surely be an unforgettable experience.

Round trip which you can enjoy Aso in one day.

Recommended for
・I want to go around Aso efficiently without wasting time
・Anyway, I want to enjoy the sights of the Aso area
・I want to run without stress by minimizing traffic lights and traffic.
・ I want to run on a fast track that I have never run
・ I want to go to a little-known spot

One-day tour of the One Piece statues in Kumamoto.

Recommended for
・I love the manga One Piece, and I want to go around the One Piece statues efficiently.
・I want to enjoy traveling, but I hate traffic lights and traffic jams.
・ I want to know about the Kumamoto earthquake

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