Motorcycle touring Event run Aso in GW 2023 !

The deadline has passed. Aso during GW is heavy traffic everywhere!Don’t you think so? But with Moto Ride Tours, You can enjoy touring without traffic jam even in Aso in the middle of GW! So, we dared to plan a touring event in the middle of GW. 【Date】May 5, 2023 (Holiday)  One day trip 【Route】8:30 meet at “Roadside Station Ozu”It runs through the Aso area and is scheduled to end at `”Aso-bounosato” Roadside Station in Kugino” by 4pm.We chose slightly minor places such as Hakusui-Dam and Kuju Glider Gliding Field etc.Mileage is about 250km.A professional navigator will run a comfortable route carefully selected, so it’s natural to have fun!Look forward to seeing where you run. We cannot guarantee that you will not be caught in traffic jams 100%, but we will do our best to make your trip as smooth as possible. 【Lunch】We are planning to have “Unaju”(Grilled eel) at the famous traditional eel restaurant “Omiya” in Oguni-town.Please enjoy the taste of a long-established store that has been for 130 years. 【Participation qualification】Anyone can participate regardless of age, gender, skill, etc.However, it is limited to the following vehicles.① Motorcycles over 126cc .② Motorcycles covered by insurance (unlimited personal and property […]