How to rent a bike

Reservations must be made by noon of the day before..

② Please make a tentative reservation .
At this time, you will need to upload an image of both side of your International Driving Permit(IDP) and pay by credit card. Will not be charged until your reservation is confirmed.

③ Booking confirmed after driver’s license inspection.
・You will receive a reservation confirmation by email after the reservation is confirmed.
Remind mail which wie be sent the day before contains information such as where to park the bike and the dial number for the key box, so please save it until you finish the rental.

④ Go to the bicycle parking lot on the day.

・Please check the bike number (it may have a body cover, so flip it over).
・Please unlock the key box using the dial number we provided. Contains the bike key and rental slip.
・Please be sure to check the rental slip as it will indicate the condition of the bike.
Make sure the fuel tank is full.
・In the unlikely event that the vehicle has any damage that is not listed on the rental slip or the fuel tank is not full, please be sure to attach an image of the damaged area and let us know by email. If we do not hear from you, we may charge you, so please be sure to contact us.

④ Depart.
・The helmet is stored under the seat.
・If you do not need a helmet, please put it in the box in the bicycle parking lot and leave.
・Please drive according to traffic laws of Japan.
Tandem riding on 50cc motorcycles is prohibited by law.
・The bike is only equipped with a center stand. Please be careful when parking.
・In case of an accident or breakdown, please contact the Call Center listed in the reservation confirmation email.
・For any other problems, please contact us at 080-7595-3493.

⑥ Return
Please be sure to return the bike with a full tank of regular gasoline .
Please take a picture of the returned bike and send it via email.
・Be sure to return the bike by the scheduled time, for those who are booking next.
・If you think you will be late, please call us.