Moto Ride Tours

Moto Ride Tours

Rental bikes at Aso Station are right next to Fairfield by Marriott Kumamoto Aso.

Hotel “Fairfield by Marriott Kumamoto Aso” next to Aso Station. It’s about a 30 second walk from here to Motoride Rental. As you exit the hotel and turn left, you will see Aso Station. Keep going and you will see a rental bike flag on your left. Yes, it has arrived! Honda Giorno (50cc) . It’s a new bike !24 hours a day, 365 days a year.Flat rate no matter when you rent. It costs 650 yen per hour. If it is vacant, you can rent it right away. Click here to book!

Moto Ride Rental

・You can rent it at the station or airport., very convenient !・Helmet and smartphone holder are included in the rental fee.・Insurance includes unlimited coverage and roadside assistance.・Vehicle insurance is available as an option.(JPY 1.320) This is an unmanned lending system using a key box.You can rent it for 24 hours without meeting anyone.The dial number will be emailed to you the day before your reservation. Please book online. Aso KumamotoAirport Honda GiornoKumamon color Book   Honda GiornoBeige color Book Aso station Honda GiornoKumamon color Book   Honda GiornoGreen color Book Kiyora CasaMinamioguni Honda GiornoBlue color Book   Honda GiornoPink color Book Tsetate OnsenOguni Honda GiornoKumamon color Book   Honda GiornoGrey color Book You can check the detailed rental process here.   Need a valid driver’s license to ride in Japan. Click here for details Sorry , Drop-off is not supported. Chat available on Whatsapp.

1 day guided Motorcycle Tours in Kumamoto

ONE PIECE Straw Hat Pirates Statue Tour(1day) Visit the ONE PIECE Straw Hat Pirates statue in Kumamoto. Join Moto Ride Tours for an unforgettable adventure exploring the ONE PIECE Straw Hat Pirates statue tour. Experience the excitement and beauty of Kumamoto Prefecture as you visit all 10 statues in one day. Our knowledgeable guides will take you on an amazing journey through the world of ONE PIECE. And don’t miss out on the chance to indulge in delicious local cuisine during your lunch. This is a perfect tour for anime fans, adventure seekers, and anyone looking to explore the stunning landscapes of Kumamoto. Book your tour today and join us for an unforgettable journey with Moto Ride Tours! JPY 28,000〜 Amazing Mt. Aso( 1day ) Explore the highlights of Mt. Aso in one day Authentic cultural experiences: Aso is also rich in culture and history, with many opportunities to learn about local customs, traditions, and cuisine. Our tours include visits to temples, shrines, and local restaurants to give you a taste of Aso’s unique flavor. JPY 28,000〜 Amazing Mt. Aso( 1/2 day ) It is an easy short course where you can enjoy Aso in 3 hours. You can fully […]

Document need to ride in Japan.

Countries which need an International Driving Permit(IDP) If your country has ratified the Geneva Convention, you can ride in Japan with an International Driving Permit (IDP) , home country’s driver’s license and passport. The list of countries that have ratified the Geneva Convention is below. Asia Philippines India Thailand Bangladesh Malaysia Singapore Sri Lanka Cambodia Lao People’s Democratic Republic Korea(Republic of Korea) Brunei Darussalam Middle East Turkey Israel Syrian Arab Republic Cyprus Jordan Lebanon United Arab Emirates Africa South Africa Central African Republic Egypt Ghana Algeria Morocco Botswana Democratic Republic of the congo Congo Benin Cote d’Ivoire Lesotho Madagascar Malawi Mali Niger Rwanda Senegal Sierra Leone Togo Tunisia Uganda Zimbabwe Namibia Burkina Faso Nigeria Europe United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Greece Norway Denmark Sweden Netherlands France Italy Russian Federation Serbia Montenegro Kingdom of Spain Finland Portugal Austria Belgium Poland Ireland Hungary Romania Iceland Bulgaria Malta Albania Luxembourg Monaco San Marino Vatican Kyrgyzstan Georgia Czech Republic Slovakia Slovenia Republic of Lithuania Republic of Croatia Principality of Liechtenstein Republic of Estonia America United States of America Canada Peru Cuba Ecuador Argentina Chile Paraguay Barbados Dominican Republic Guatemala Haiti Trinidad and Tobago Venezuela Jamaica Pacific New Zealand Fiji Australia Papua […]

One Piece statue guided tour (departure from Kumamoto Airport)

Information on a guided tour around the One Piece Straw Hat Pirates statues by rental bike. Guide fees, rental bikes, helmets, insurance, etc. are all included, so you can easily participate empty-handed! 4 routes are available starting from Aso Kumamoto Airport (Kumamoto Airport).A professional attendant will guide you, so you don’t have to worry even if you’re not used to riding motorcycles in Japan even it’s your first time in Japan. Corses Corse A Corse B Corse C Corse D itinerary  9AM  Meet your guide at the Aso Kumamoto Airport (Kumamoto Airport) bicycle parking lot. And start.     12PM  Return to Aso Kumamoto Airport (Kumamoto Airport) *Each trip takes approximately 3 hours, but return time may change depending on traffic conditions.*Tours may be available at other times. Please inquire using the application form. Fee Common to all courses1person  JPY12,000/ Person2persons JPY10,000/ Person(Up to 2 person can participate.) Included ・Guide fee・Rental bike (50CC)・Helmet rental・Fuel (gasoline) fee・Automobile insurance (unlimited personal and property coverage)・Vehicle insurance (deductible 20,000 yen) Not included ・Food, drinks, souvenirs, etc. How to book Please book at least 3 days before the tour.At first, please inquire about availability using this form. We will send you an invoice after your reservation is confirmed, so please pay […]

Motorcycle touring Event run Aso in GW 2023 !

The deadline has passed. Aso during GW is heavy traffic everywhere!Don’t you think so? But with Moto Ride Tours, You can enjoy touring without traffic jam even in Aso in the middle of GW! So, we dared to plan a touring event in the middle of GW. 【Date】May 5, 2023 (Holiday)  One day trip 【Route】8:30 meet at “Roadside Station Ozu”It runs through the Aso area and is scheduled to end at `”Aso-bounosato” Roadside Station in Kugino” by 4pm.We chose slightly minor places such as Hakusui-Dam and Kuju Glider Gliding Field etc.Mileage is about 250km.A professional navigator will run a comfortable route carefully selected, so it’s natural to have fun!Look forward to seeing where you run. We cannot guarantee that you will not be caught in traffic jams 100%, but we will do our best to make your trip as smooth as possible. 【Lunch】We are planning to have “Unaju”(Grilled eel) at the famous traditional eel restaurant “Omiya” in Oguni-town.Please enjoy the taste of a long-established store that has been for 130 years. 【Participation qualification】Anyone can participate regardless of age, gender, skill, etc.However, it is limited to the following vehicles.① Motorcycles over 126cc .② Motorcycles covered by insurance (unlimited personal and property […]